Constipation Nation

by Constipation



01. National Anthem I (The Lament Of Dying Hipsters)
02. National Anthem II (Pity Shall Not Stay My Hand As Anger Guides My Actions)
03. National Anthem III (If Life Does Not Leave You Soon, My Boot Will Say Hello To Your Face And Squish It Like It Did Your Mom)
04. National Anthem IV (Happy Memories Of Carnage Float By While Frolicking In The Meadows)
05. National Anthem V (Repugnant, Vile, Obtuse)
06. National Anthem VI (Using Your Innards For Their Intended Purpose Outside Of Their Host)
07. National Anthem VII (Fire Walk With Me And My Nailgun)
08. National Anthem VIII (Wretched Parasites As They Are Called)
09. National Anthem IX (The Legacy Of The Iron Maiden Of Legend)
10. National Anthem X (Epidemic Dialogue Corrupting The Air And My Intellect)
11. National Anthem XI (Loved And Smothered Through The Ages)
12. National Anthem XII (A Polite Request For Your Termination)
13. National Anthem XIII (Request Denied; A Bereavement Of Your Kin Shall Follow You As You Are Dissolved To Oblivion)
14. National Anthem XIV (For I Have Become Death, And Will Not Repeat That Mistake)
15. Nation Anthem XV (Rage Against The Dying Of The Arts)
16. National Anthem XVI (In Celebration And Curiosity We Expose Your Vital Organs)
17. National Anthem XVII (Hate Anthem)
18. National Anthem XVIII (Debauchery Is The Greatest Form Of Flattery)
19. National Anthem XIX (Celebration Nation)


released December 24, 2011

Recorded winter 2011 in Bacon Studio, by Chris and the Captain. Special guests: Onkel, Zezza, Dick



all rights reserved


Constipation Oslo, Norway

Good old classic constipation, the way it was meant to be.

At least some of the time.

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