Hold It In

by Constipation



01. Come One, Come All, Piss Off (The Origin Of A Remarkable Number Of Events)
02. The Legend Of Mamazu (Acting On A Whim Of Dark Desires)
03. Abortion In The Eye Of The Container (Appetite)
04. Providing Life Lessons For Boys And Girls And Shitheads
05. Once Upon A Time On A Horse Behind The Shed, Raising The Bar Until You Die
06. Chew On This, You Fat Fuck, Changing Your Mind At The Last Minute
07. Why Is There Never Enough Time To Just Throw Yourself Out The Window?
08. Compensate For A Lack Of Skill By Doubling Your Efforts, And There's No End To What You Can't Do, In The End Everything Is Null And Void
09. Not Even Close To The Free Will Of Eight, Running The Marathon Of Life
10. The Truth Served In A Bucket Of Vomit (Abandoned By Hope)
11. The Stuff That Heroes Are Sick And Tired Of (Porcupines Are People Too)
12. Every Possible Scenario You Can Face At Sea; Sometimes You Learn To Decline
13. Will You Walk By Day Or By Night? (Why Something Still Is)
14. Canterbury When The Message Is Delivered
15. You Can Sleep When You Are Dead, Grounding Beans Is Not A Handjob
16. Global Contact Service Put To The Test: It Should Have Been Killed First
17. Swimming Through The Surface Film, Welcome To The New World
18. Don't Be Embarrassed To Take Your Head Off In Public
19. The Hills Are Alive With Two-Dimensional Focus Points Located In Three-Dimensional Space


released May 17, 2011

Recorded spring 2011 in Bacon Studio, by Chris and the Captain. Special guest: Dick



all rights reserved


Constipation Oslo, Norway

Good old classic constipation, the way it was meant to be.

At least some of the time.

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