Total Annihilation Of All Life

by Constipation



01. In The Beginning There Was Only Horrific Screams Coming From The Eternal Darkness (Unsharpening The Fabric Of The Universe)
02. The Adventures Of The Imbecile (One For The Old And Retired)
03. Smell The Poison Leaking From The Banshee Of Your Soul
04. Keep Trying To Get Away From The Dangers Closing In On You From Every Angle And Never Look Back
05. Bluejeans & Moonbeams (What The Hell Is This Zoo Doing Here In The Middle Of The Night?)
06. Good Morning, Doctor (The Embodiment Of Common Ground)
07. As None Of This Makes Any Sense, Neither Is This Burning Hedgehog Doing In The Tall Trees Of The Interstellar Forest Of The Brickhouse Sewer Any Pity On The Slime Of The Pit
08. Dinnertime Tea Party
09. Exactly What We Knew Was Coming Towards Us At The End Of Our Journey (Definitively)
10. Super Calloused Fragile Mystic Hexed By Halitosis
11. Chew On This You Slimy Bastard (The Story Of The Time I Ate Mushrooms Sitting On A Couch In The Shower)
12. The Nerves, Something Is Getting On Them (You Really Should Try To Turn This Around To Something Positive Happening In Your Life)
13. As The Party Progresses You Find Yourself In A Situation Where You Cannot Seem To Get Your Head Around The Big Fish In The Middle Of The Room (The Reference Term Identifies The Payment With The Pay Receiver)
14. When It Rains, You're Done (Mom And Dad Was Never Too Far Away From You All This Time After All)
15. When You Ascend To Your Station, Will The Lord Bow Down And Kiss Your Toes? (Quite...)
16. The Fascination Of Existence, Caught In A Moment Of Frantic Enjoyment (The Possibilities Are Unfathomable)
17. Remember The Time You Were Beaten To The Finish Line And Constantly Reminded Of Your Total Failure By Insulting Remarks About Your Face
18. The Letters Are The Numbers And Your Currency Is Dead, Because Nothing Can Keep Us From Loosing Our Mind In An Empty Void Of Madness And Suffering
19. Totally Not What We Intended To Leave Behind For The Coming Generations Of Rapists (This Is The Last Time We're Telling You)


released October 10, 2011

Recorded summer 2011 in Bacon Studio, by Chris and the captain.



all rights reserved


Constipation Oslo, Norway

Good old classic constipation, the way it was meant to be.

At least some of the time.

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