World Day For Constipational Justice

by Constipation



01. Watch The Futility Of The Binge Campaign As People Come To Die Before Your Feet
02. The Results Are Devastating (The Biggest Thing I Have Ever Been A Minimal Part Of)
03. Getting Close To Perfection Through Constipation Far Beyond The Calm Waters Of Density
04. When The Time Is Not Right, Success Is Reached Through Dominance Of Reluctant Abominations From The Sky
05. What Lies Dormant Under The Dark Tides Of The Eternal Seas, Resting In The Depth Beyond The Greatest Darkness
06. If They Ever Touch, We Will Explode While Choosing Our Friends From A Totally Different House Than You Would Expect
07. Satan-Dude
08. Blue Is Over The Rainbow Mountain Of Seasonal Snow (A Song For The Deaf, But Not Like The Other Ones)
09. Making Your Escape Through Elaborate Means And Picking The Napkin Clean Before Filling It
10. Aroma From Iron Constellations: Is It For Jumping Or Is It For Pulling?
11. Hold On To Everything That Is Falling From Great Mountains
12. My Name Is Hunter/Gatherer, Whatever Was Is No More To Ever Be
13. Chaos
14. Choosing A Path Which Leads Towards The End of All Kings (Lightning Through The Nations)
15. The Holy Tirade Of The Apatheist Pope
16. A Wish Is A Supernatural Demand Placed On The Recipient's Unlimited Request
17. The Strangeness Of The Quark Discharges The Hypercharge, Providing A Scratching Post For All The Horses In The Sea
18. Khenti-Amentiu Osiris, Spawn Of Geb And Nut, Destroys Atef, In A Really Really Really Uncharacteristic And Bad Manner
19. Give In To The Surrounding Teeth While Cutting The Greens In Anticipation Of The Future


released July 17, 2011

Recorded summer 2011 in Bacon Studio, by Chris and the captain.



all rights reserved


Constipation Oslo, Norway

Good old classic constipation, the way it was meant to be.

At least some of the time.

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